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Why Fairmax Law™ for Credit Report Problems?

Our founder is a published author of a chapter of a book that attorneys use to learn about credit report law.

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Debt Relief

We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all”. Our attorneys make a tailor made plan specifically for you. When it is better to file bankruptcy and receive a fresh start, we offer our low fee to every client, and a payment plan. And when it is better for you to avoid the bankruptcy due to creditor harassment claims or other reasons, we take your case at no fee to you unless we recover from the harassing creditor. And when our client wishes to avoid bankruptcy and instead enroll in a debt relief plan, we offer our “No Fee Until We Settle” plan.

Credit Repair

Our attorney review your credit reports free of charge and give you a credit repair action plan. At that time, we send out all of your reinvestigation letters free of charge (where applicable), or for a low fee.

Fairmax Law will review your credit reports & give you legal advice

Often times, debt relief attorneys pigeonhole themselves as bankruptcy attorneys. But at Fairmax Law, we believe in practicing a more holistic approach to debt relief. In addition to bankruptcy, we also offer debt relief options for people that may not qualify for bankruptcy, or just don't want to file Bankruptcy.

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What our past clients are saying...

  • Thank god I spoke to Fairmax Law before hiring a credit repair company. I avoided losing hundreds of money, without any result. Because fairmax law operates like a real law firm, they were able to find out that credit repair was NOT the right option for me, and that I needed to go in another direction. Now, I am on my way to financial recovery…
  • Fairmax law was able to repair my credit due to old, out of date medical bills. And they actually sued the bureaus and put $2500 in my pocket because the bureaus and collection agency broke the law…
  • Wow! My whole bankruptcy only costed me $555, just like they advertised!!!
    Alexander A.
  • I’m soooooo happy with fairmax law; when they analyzed how much I would lose in a bankruptcy, they put me in a debt relief option outside of bankruptcy, and I am only paying half than if I would have filed a chapter 13; someone else told me to do a chapter 13 for 5 years and pay double, AND lose my tax refunds. Fairmax Law took the time to review my entire financial situation, and recommend the right approach for my situation.

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