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Avoid Bankruptcy: Debt Relief/Defense

When an individual is suffering under the weight of extreme debt, they might believe that they have very few options at their disposal. Whether it is credit cards, medical bills, mortgage loans, payday loans, or any other sort of debt, the most frequent legal advice they received from attorneys is to file bankruptcy. And while Bankruptcy is almost always the better solution (Chapter 7/Chapter 13), sometimes it might not be. It is in fact possible to resolve your debts through alternative options, such as Debt Management or Debt Settlement. Both of these options can help you avoid bankruptcy entirely.
Bankruptcy is not right for everyone, and some people don't even qualify. And even some people who qualify simply refuse to file bankruptcy. That is understandable considering the fact that bankruptcy is public information for the rest of one's life. In the age of the Internet, any of your neighbors can pull up your bankruptcy filing and see a list of your debts, your assets, how much money you make every month, and how much you spend on your bills and personal expenses, and much more information. And this information stays public for a long time. As a law firm that represents clients in the Bankruptcy process, we ought to know.

But our firm has a program that is tailored for those who would like to avoid bankruptcy. This program is not right for everyone, but one of our attorneys can give you a free evaluation of your options and whether you qualify. But be advised that we only do this for our Michigan clients, and only after an in person face-to-face consultation with a Michigan admitted attorney.

Essentially, the approach we take differs by client and is tailored towards your specific needs. We are not a debt settlement company. The difference between our program and a traditional debt settlement program (that is offered by a non-attorney) is that we are an actual law firm, and we defend you in court should your creditors ever decide to sue you; and our credentials work to your advantage in the settlement process.
The fact that we defend you in court, and that our attorneys are knowledgeable in multiple aspects of debt relief and Bankruptcy, allows us to bring credibility and power to the table that a non-attorney debt settlement company cannot. When creditors know your representative is willing to fight in court (as they will know when you hire us), they will have more incentive to treat you fairly in the settlement process. Debt settlement companies run away and stop representing you the very moment that your creditor hires an attorney and files a lawsuit against you. But we thrive in those situations.
Furthermore, since our firm is a full-service debt and credit firm, and has attorneys that practice and all sides of the Debt/Credit equation, we can always monitor if something else works better for you, or if one of your creditors violates another law that we can use to your advantage. This is another element that is missing in traditional debt settlement programs.
And by sending cease and desist orders to your creditors, they have to respect it and stop contacting you so long as we represent you. This is another aspect of our service that debt settlement companies simply cannot provide.

We represent our clients in various courts in the State of Michigan, and we use our experience and knowledge when defending you from debt collection/harassment.

*We only provide the services described on this page to Michigan residents ONLY; and only when multiple other factors are present. To determine whether these services are appropriate for you, you must speak to one of our Michigan attorney face to face at our Dearborn office before we can agree to represent you.

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