April 10, 2017

Best Practices For Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Part II

Attorney Michael Jaafar recommends best practices for consumer bankruptcy attorneys from the American College of Bankruptcy.
April 11, 2017

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

one of those alternatives. As a attorney to help people with bankruptcy alternatives, I, of all people, and caution you on their use. Sometimes they […]
April 12, 2017

Fairmax Law meeting their target price for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy-$555 Flat

So if you’ve been driving around the States Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, you are now seeing yellow billboards advertising for bankruptcy as low […]
April 20, 2017

The New Move to Wipe Out Student Loans in Bankruptcy

The Misinterpretation of 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(8) by Austin C. Smith New York [1]The common belief that all student loans are protected from discharge in […]
April 24, 2017

Motion to avoid a lien in a Bankruptcy

This post covers the topic of filing a motion to avoid a lien in Bankruptcy Chapter 13 and Chapter 7
April 25, 2017

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy & the Debt Limits

This post covers the topic of debt limits in Bankruptcy Chapter 13 and Chapter 7
April 26, 2017

Fairmax Law™ has discovered a way to wipe out private student loans in Bankruptcy

This is an article discussing student loans and bankruptcy
April 30, 2017

This is the Bankruptcy Brochure that Fairmax Law Gives out to clients

This is the chapter 7 and chapter 13 Bankruptcy brochure that fairmax law gives out to their clients after they file bankruptcy
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