Credit Repair

Everyone needs good credit, from young adults just starting their financial lives, to the elderly who have lived through it all. Your credit report is a general summary given to banks, lenders, and other financial institutions that shows how you manage financial responsibility.

Our firm is a deeply experienced firm in the area of credit reporting, and the violations of your rights by credit bureaus and the lenders that furnish them information. If you have inaccuracies on your credit report, or are a victim of identity theft, we can aggressively represent you in removing any negative information that is inaccurate, obsolete, or unverifiable as to you. We are not a credit clinic like the companies that advertise on the internet, and claim to be law firms. We do NOT have monthly fees, or gimmicks. We are licensed attorneys that aggressively represent our client, and give free legal evaluations of all cases prior to accepting any money, and we have successfully sued credit bureaus before for reporting improperly to our client’s credit records.
What's even more value to our clients is the fact that we usually handle litigation against credit bureaus on a contingency basis, meaning that we do not charge you any money unless we collect.
Our firm has sent thousands of dispute letters to the credit bureaus, and obtained thousands of deletions or corrections to our clients' Credit Records. See the examples below. One important thing to know about our firm is that we are not to be mistaken with a credit clinic. We are a strong, aggressive while from the advocates for our clients his rights under the fair credit reporting act, and other laws.
And if your credit report contains accurate negative information, then our law firm will give you a free legal evaluation as to the proper path to cure your credit of that information. Since we represent our clients in the entire debt and credit equation from start to finish, we can advise you of your legal rights and help you resolve any problem that is weighing down your score; we can show you how to legally reestablish your credit worthiness.
For example, if your credit is suffering due to tax liens, money judgments, and lingering balances on debts, then our firm can show you three or four different paths to resolve all of those debts directly with the creditors and taxing authorities, and agree with those authorities that your credit record must be updated to reflect your resolution. If you have a judgment from a creditor, we can negotiate the settlement and removal of that judgment by having it set aside in court; if you have collection agencies passing around a balance from one company to another, we can stop that by sending letters and settling the outstanding indebtedness or fighting them to establish whether you owe the debt. And if any of these other parties ever violates any law in any way, we will punish them by quickly filing suit since our attorneys are experts in all laws regarding the debt and credit filed.
Following this path then enables you to begin rebuilding your credit worthiness and recovering from the past damage.
It is important to note that nobody can remove accurate, non-obsolete, and verifiable information off of your credit record nor should anybody try. But our firm can help you remove that information through the proper paths available to you as explained above. And our firm is one of the few that can competently represent you regarding inaccurate, or obsolete, or unverifiable information that appears on your credit record. Very few attorneys or law firms have obtained the requisite knowledge, experience and system to fight credit bureaus toe to toe, and speak to them on their own terms. Our attorneys know the law regarding credit reporting on a deep level, and are capable of suing credit bureaus and furnishers of information to the credit bureaus for violations of your legal rights.
Here is a list of the common things that affect creditworthiness, and our solution:
  1. Problem: Inaccuracy on your credit report that hurts your score.
  2. Our solution: we dispute and remove or correct the problem. If the bureau doesn’t comply within 30-60 days, we threaten to sue. And if that doesn’t correct the problem, then we file the lawsuit. Most times, we don’t charge any upfront fees to file the suit. We get paid only when you get paid.

  3. Problem: Identity theft. Your identity has been stolen and there are items on your report that are preventing you from living to your full credit potential.
  4. Our solution: our firm triggers the blocking provisions of the FCRA effectively removing and blocking all inaccurate debts from ever again appearing on your credit report.

  5. Problem: Delinquent debt. You have a legitimate, delinquent debt on your credit report.
  6. Our solution: we contact the creditor and negotiate a settlement for a fraction of what you owe, and we agree that your will receive favorable credit reporting such as that the debt was settled or paid in full and that you have a $0 balance, which allows your score to rebuild itself.

  7. Problem: Too many debts delinquent debts on your credit report.
  8. Our solution: we help you decide if it is affordable to settle all of the debts for a fraction of what you owe, or if it is better for you to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy; and whichever option you choose, we make sure that your credit report accurately reflects the fact that you are no longer obligated on any of the old debts, which allows your credit score to rebuild itself.

  9. Problem: Tax liens.
  10. Our solution: we explore several remedies; if it can be settled with government via an offer in compromise for less, or installment arrangement, then we advise you to take the most affordable option; or if it qualifies for a bankruptcy discharge (which some tax debts do), we advise you in that regard. We basically find best path for you to resolve the issue, and let you decide. After you’ve chosen the best option for you, we ensure removal of tax delinquency from your credit report.

  11. Problem: Unpaid medical bill(s).
  12. Our solution: We have long history of holding medical bill collectors to account. We force them to prove that the services were performed, that the monies were due, that the patient had the charges explained beforehand and consented to them, and much more. If all of this cannot be established, we demand the removal of the items from the credit report and sue if the FCRA is not complied with. If all of these things are established, then we settle for less than the full balance and ensure removal of the delinquency from the credit report.

  13. Problem: Old items on your credit reports and “zombie debts.”
  14. Our solution: We demand immediate removal of all items older than 7 years from your credit report and sue if the FCRA is not complied with.

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