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Attorneys Join Our Team!

Our law firm is going into multiple states and we are eager to retain the best attorneys around the country. If you are looking either become a partner, or an associate, please fill out your information so we can reach out to you. We pay very competitive salary, and our training to some of the best in the industry. If you are looking for a career, not a job, then we are the right place to work.

We are only looking for people who have a passion about consumer law, and helping people. At Fairmax Law, our clientele is ordinary Americans & consumers, and not Corporations. If you are considering a career at Fairmax Law, you must have an excellent bedside manner.

Superior Technology

Our firm has spent many years building and devising a proprietary software that takes a lot of the tedious work out of the bankruptcy process. It allows our attorneys and paralegals to focus on what matters most, which is delivering world-class service to our clients. All of our team members work off the same software, and rely on one another when building a case from start to finish.


By filing a large volume of bankruptcies every year, and helping people with Debt Relief outside of bankruptcy, we are able to employ experienced attorneys from around the country; this allows us to troubleshoot cumbersome issues as they come along, more so than a solo practitioner with a small office. And everyone on our team is rigorously vetted before added to our organization.

Increase Your Filings

If you're looking to increase your filings but don't understand how to effectively market your practice, joining our team might be right for you. Besides full-time associate positions, we are also looking for local partners in various states for a strategic alliance.

More than Bankruptcy

Often times, debt relief attorneys pigeonhole themselves as bankruptcy attorneys. But at Fairmax Law, we believe in practicing a more holistic approach to debt relief. In addition to bankruptcy, we also offer debt relief options for people that may not qualify for bankruptcy, or just don't want to file Bankruptcy.

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