Michael Jaafar Speaks Wage Garnishment on Fox 2 Detroit

Michael Jaafar Speaks Wage Garnishment on Fox 2 Detroit

Fairmax attorney and Co Founder, Michael Jaafar, speaks with a host from Fox 2 Detroit News on their segment Money Monday about wage garnishment.

What is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a last resort by creditors to get money that you owe. It happens regularly around the holiday season because creditors want to garnish your tax returns. Wage garnishment occurs after ignored court orders and notices of debt. An employer cannot refuse to garnish your wages because in doing so they become responsible for your debts. Before you ever get your wages garnished you will get an official court order and you must be notified by your employer.

You cannot be fired for wage garnishment, but a second incident and this protection goes away. Michigan wage garnishment takes away 25% of your paycheck.

How to stop wage garnishment:

  • Go to court and pay a $20 fee and file for a notion for installment payment.
  • After filing for a notion of installment payment your wage garnishment automatically stops.
  • You will receive an official court date.
  • Instead of wage garnishment, a judge will look at your finances and order you to pay a monthly fee that you can afford.

Watch the full Wage Garnishment Video:

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