This is the Bankruptcy Brochure that Fairmax Law Gives out to clients

We give this to all of our clients right after their case is filed, whether it is a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This prepares them for their 341 meeting of creditors, and everything else that comes next, such as post filing education course, and possible reaffirmation agreements on their secured debts. This brochure also gives them important disclaimers, such as the prohibition on selling or transferring property.

Title to brochure:
“My case is filed: What do I need to do now?”

Look for your case number in your email, if it’s not written on this document. That will be the main piece of evidence that you have filed bankruptcy.

And you must check your email daily! That is the main way we will communicate with you. We will not send you papers in the mail. Everything will be sent via email, for your convenience.

And you must notify us if you have any change in your contact information (email, mailing address, phone, etc.)

Do not sell or transfer any property until your case is closed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you were getting garnished prior to the case being filed, then you will experience at least one more garnishment after the case is filed.

Here are some important events and aspects to your case that you must be ready for. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!

  • You 341 meeting is coming up soon. YOU MUST BE PREPARED!
    • We will email you the notice and you will receive a paper notice in the mail. You must be there 30 minutes early.
    • You will be asked questions about your assets, income, expenses, debts, and your petition. You must be 100% honest in all of your answers.
    • We take care of the documents, but you must bring your government issued ID and your actual social security card. No exceptions. There is an extra fee for us to reschedule it if you are not prepared.
    • You must finish your debtor education course prior to the hearing date.
  • Look out for harassing calls and letters. WE WILL TAKE ACTION!
    • None of your creditors should ever call you or send you mail. EVER! So, if you receive any calls, or letters, you MUST immediately inform your attorney. You can email us, or call us. We take harassment of our clients very seriously, and we sue your creditors without charging you any up-front fees. We only get paid on them if you get paid.
  • Credit Cleanup Program. WE RECOMMEND THIS!
    • We offer a service to our clients for a nominal fee. We write all 3 credit bureaus, and demand that all your balances are removed from your credit reports after your case is filed. Call us for details and pricing.
  • Debtor Education Course. MUST BE DONE NOW!
    • This is the second part of your credit counseling course. You must finish this before the 341 hearing.
  • Your filing fees. YOU MUST PAY THEM!
    • If you didn’t pay your filing fee to the court to us, then you must pay it to the court. If we applied for a waiver of the fee, then you can wait until we inform you of the judge’s decision on your application.
    • If we applied for an installment arrangement, then you must pay your first installment within 30 days of filing the case; and you must pay all of the payments no later than the date in the installment agreement that we will send you. Please make sure you look at that installment agreement. It is YOUR responsibility to know when your payments are due.
    • If you don’t pay all your fees, your case WILL be dismissed and there will be a large fee to reinstate it.
  • Your home and car payment(s): YOU MUST CONTINUE TO PAY THEM DIRECLTY!
    • If you have any secured debt on assets you would like to keep (vehicles, boats, house, bike, furniture, etc.), you will no longer receive statements from your lender. But you MUST continue to make the payments on time. If you stop, your creditor will take them away.
    • If you would like us to request a reaffirmation agreement, and fill it out for you, you must inform us. Doing so will carry an extra fee which varies by district.


  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to mail in your chapter 13 plan payments until your payment Order is fully working and the amount is being deducted from your check and mailed by your employer, this process could take a couple of weeks.  
  • In the event you need to mail the payment in, please forward funds using a money order, and be sure to include your case number and mail payment to your Trustee at his/her address. (This information is in the email we will send you shortly, and via paper mail in the next few days.
  • Track your cases progress online! You can track and access your case information at (Michigan Cases) or (Ohio Cases). Login with your case number (no dashes or letters) as the User ID and the last four digits of your Social Security Number as the password. You do not need to submit a sing up form to access your data on these sites.

If anything changed since you were last here, with your job, house, car or anything else that might impact you case, please give us a call as soon as possible.  If you have any questions or need additional directions please call 888-FAIRMAX(888-324-7629).


This article is not meant as legal advice, and Bankruptcy is very complicated depending on every persons overall financial situation. So, if you are considering any chapter of the bankruptcy code, is it called one of our attorneys for a free, same day consultation.

To learn more about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the federal government has excellent information about it on their website at

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