What is in our $555 Flat Fee Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? (Fairmax Law™)

By: Fairmax Law™


Many people see our billboards across the country, and call our toll-free number to inquire about our price. Almost everyone is shocked to find out that our fee is truly $555 for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or slightly higher than that depending on other factors (for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, $555 includes everything to file the case, and the rest of our attorney’s fees are only paid if the case is confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court). And what’s more, it actually includes more than they had anticipated.

For starters, the $555 fee includes all the work involved in preparing a case, and reviewing a clients financial situation. It also includes us filing it, and attending the hearing. There are no extra charges for any of our work on a typical case, unless we have to get back garnished funds, or file reaffirmation agreements; and some clients must pay a nominal fee for us to pull their due diligence documents. The only things not included are out of pockets costs that come with preparing and filing a bankruptcy case, such as the court filing fee (which is completely waived for low income filers that qualify). The fee includes the following:

  1. All our attorney fees for preparing and filing the Bankruptcy Petition.
  2. All our fees to attend the meeting of creditors.
  3. Pulling both of your credit reports (but not paying for them).
  4. Ordering your Credit Counseling certificate for you, but not paying for it.
  5. Importing all the debts on your credit reports, directly into the bankruptcy petition so you don’t have to do so.

There are no hidden fees. $555 is all you pay to prepare and file your case, and have one of our attorneys represent you throughout the entire proceeding.

Do I have to pay anything else?


No! the $555 includes everything to prepare, and file the case.

But after the case is filed, everyone is required to conduct an post filing education course, which can be done online or over the phone. For that, every debtor is responsible to pay on their own. But we have partnered with a non-profit organization that does them for $15.

As with any case, there are some things that may come up that we might charge for. For starters, we charge an extra nominal fee if our client decides to enter into a reaffirmation agreement with one of their secured creditors. This is a new, extra contract that they execute with their creditors within months of the Bankruptcy filing.

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This article is not meant as legal advice, and Bankrptcy is very complicated depending on every persons overall financial situation. So, if you are considering any chapter of the bankruptcy code, is it called one of our attorneys for a free, same day consultation.

To learn more about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the federal government has excellent information about it on their website at http://www.uscourts.gov/services-forms/bankruptcy

Fairmax Law™ is a Service of Jaafar Law Group PLLC and is a designated debt relief agency that helps clients file bankruptcy under the federal bankruptcy code.

Fairmax Law is a debt relief and credit repair law firm, with attorneys in multiple states. We are dedicated to bringing people the fresh start that most Americans need. Whether it is a bankruptcy, or a credit repair program, Fairmax Law is the right choice.
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